– Never wanted to leave the house
– No confidence whatsoever
– Only did the things I really had to do
– Always tired, no energy
– Never wanted to be photographed (as it may come across in the photo! My husband forced me to take this photo for the background!!)
– On the verge of being diabetic and was spending a lot of time at the doctor
– Have lupus
– Always took negative comments on board and let it affect me and make me feel worse
– Could never focus on the solution always focused on the problem which was doing no good but still!

One day I got up and decided enough is enough I want to feel good about myself, I want to be in better health and shape. I changed my outlook and perspective from negative to positive and everything else followed.

I believe it happened because of my shift in mind-set and motivation.

It is the power of my mind that kept me going.

I now receive many comments about being confident and being full of radiance and being slim and honestly, it is because I feel good. It wasn’t always this way and sometimes even I don’t see that this is what I am projecting! Some people don’t even believe that I had 5 stone on me and then they ask me what have I done to lose the weight? How did I stay motivated and how have I kept the weight off?

My weight loss journey inspired me to create Believe to achieve – The mind-body connection which includes all that I adapted on my 5 stone weight loss journey and regaining my energy, health and keeping the weight off and enjoying the process. It includes such valuable tools that are often overlooked yet are so powerful and instrumental for successful long-term weight loss. With an integrated workbook to keep you on track and added bonuses to keep you one step ahead to achieve your weight loss goal.

We can spend a lifetime trying to lose weight or get in shape and be happy and comfortable in our body, had I not changed my mindset I would probably still be trying to lose weight.

As the world health organisation has declared an obesity epidemic, I want to help people get on a healthier way of living their life, lose their excess weight and not just be a statistic. Before I lost the excess weight I was an obese patient who was told to lose weight because that was an underlying cause of many problems. I know many people who have been told to lose weight but it can be a struggle.

Life is too short to mope along on low energy; this guide will motivate, empower, support and uplift you on your journey. Eating right and exercise are basic concepts that need to be adapted, but the true key to success lies in the power of your mind. Unlock the hidden powers of your mind to succeed.

When the mind and body energy become aligned you find the will to do something and overcome the problem.
The truth is you can do anything in any given situation according to your circumstances. When I decided to lose weight I didn’t join a gym I fit in exercise around my lifestyle and my 2 very young children with an old injury to my arm and a C-section that still troubles me but I found a way!
Give yourself this opportunity to achieve this for yourself whether you have tried to lose weight before, whether you feel stuck or if this is your first attempt make this investment in yourself. You can do this!



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